Monthly Archives: March 2014

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Happy Monday GFit family! We hope you had a wonderful weekend.

This past Saturday we had our healthy bake sale during the South Park Walkabout. Our members baked lemon tarts, lemon bars, Madeleines, chocolate coconut bonbons, and a variety of cookies for us to sell during the Walkabout. The best part? All of our treats were gluten-free, made with no processed or refined sugars and they were.

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1745432_orig Today is the first day of Spring! We’ve moved our clocks forward now it’s time to move our bodies forward. Birds are calling out to each other, collecting bits and pieces to build their nests. Plants are sending out flower buds, new tendrils of growth poking up through the earth. Bees are investigating. Allergy sufferers are sneezing. Spring is definitely here, no doubt about it. This is the perfect time of year to rededicate yourself to your goals.
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