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You know the feeling. You pushed yourself in your workout, worked muscles to the point where every movement after brings an ache, that delicious (or not) pain of muscles rebuilding. When you push your muscles in a hard workout you are creating micr0-tears in  muscle tissues. The tissue rebuilds to respond to the new stimulus. That in-between state, that ache, is part of the tear and repair process, the healing that brings forth stronger muscles. If you're feeling the aches here are a few ways to.
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tumblr_mf72ipzWLd1s0wf9xo1_500 Our lives have soundtracks. There are songs that remind us of childhood, of falling in (and out) of love, songs the remind us to vacations, memories attached to chords and lyrics that have the ability to transport us to specific memories. Music Studies have shown that music stimulates our nervous systems, preparing us for action, movement. Music with a faster pace raises our heart rates and accelerates our breathing, getting us ready to move. According to Read more