Come Clean: Making a Healthy Grocery List

Come Clean: Making a Healthy Grocery List

Do you ever look around when you are at the grocery store at the carts filled to the brim with food, or shall I say non-food? The chips, the soda, the packaged and processed food in bright, pretty boxes piled a mile? What about the pink meat wrapped in tight plastic, the synthetic fruit juices, frozen entrees and more?

Could this be your cart?


We are a people who love the convenience of fast and prepackaged foods, and we will stop at nothing for a quick meal so that we can move on to bigger and better things, like our stomachs. Processed food makes us fat and makes us sick; if you are looking for good ways to lose weight, consider dumping your grocery cart and coming clean. It will be the best thing you have ever done for your body. If you are sick of being sick, sick of feeling tired, and sick of being fat, it is time to come clean!

What Does Eating Clean Mean?

To eat clean simply means to strip your diet of anything that the body does not recognize as food. It means sticking to food in its natural state and avoiding products that are full of preservatives, artificial flavorings and other chemicals used to increase shelf life and make big profits for corporations. Eating clean is about giving your body the vital nutrients that it needs to build muscle, repair cellular damage and restore health. Good ways to lose weight naturally always include eating a clean diet.

Examples of Clean Food

Clean foods include whole, natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains and lean proteins. This is not your Standard American Diet so do not even bother looking at that chart. Some examples of clean food include:

· Fresh (local and organic if possible) fruit
· Fresh, dried or frozen (local and organic if possible) vegetables
· Nuts (organic raw, not roasted)
· Healthy fat such as organic coconut oil
· Lean protein such as fresh caught fish, grass fed beef or free-range chicken
· Natural sweetener such as stevia or raw honey
· Raw seeds such as pumpkin, flax or hemp
· Fresh spring water
· Whole grains such as oatmeal, spelt, barley and quinoa

Benefits of Coming Clean

The benefits of eating a clean diet are numerous and well worth the effort. Some benefits include:

· Healthy weight loss
· Reversal of type 2 diabetes
· Increased energy
· Decreased muscle and joint pain
· Enhanced metal alertness
· Lower blood pressure
· Normal cholesterol levels
· Increased fertility
· Improved immune system function

Shopping Habits

While making a healthy grocery list may seem like a daunting task, it is not that difficult. Clean eating begins with a change of focus and a little bit of determination. If you shop at a big superstore with thousands of varieties of foods, consider finding a small, local grocer, natural market or joining a Community Supported Agriculture Program instead. The more food you buy local, the healthier you will be. You can also join bulk buying clubs online and many states offer delivery of organic produce. Making a healthy grocery list starts with making a choice to eat clean and to stop consuming foods produced in a laboratory.

Tips for Clean Eating

· Keep your menu simple
· Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store
· Eliminate all processed sugar
· Reduce your caffeine consumption
· If man made it, don’t eat it
· Cook food lightly (steam or sauté in chicken broth)
· Eat as much food raw as you can
· Eat smaller, more frequent meals
· Eat a nutritious breakfast
· Buy local
· Eat organic
· Grow a garden
· Raise chickens for eggs/meat

Once you begin giving your body clean food, it will switch into healing mode and begin to re-balance. The body is a very smart machine and knows how to be healthy; we are responsible for providing the right fuel to charge the machine. There may be other plans that claim to rank among the list of good ways to lose weight and gain health, but unless they include clean, real food, their benefits will never be lasting. Make a commitment to come clean, and your body will reward you.

Still not sure how to get started? Contact me with your name and email for a free consultation. Lets get you on the right track and get your body where it needs to be! Email me at or call me at 619-338-8030.

Committed to your success,


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