It’s Thirsty Thurday GFit Family! Let’s talk about drinking!

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Just kidding. Not that kind of drinking. We’re talking about hydrating.

Most of us have heard that we should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Old news. Been there. Doing it. Keeping hydrated is beneficial for a myriad of reasons. It keeps our bodily functions going, our bodies are around 60-70% water. We naturally crave water during workouts. During the normal course of a day we lose water just by breathing, through perspiration, urine and sweat. Replenishing is key to maintaining optimum wellness.


Spruce up your water intake by infusing it with herbs or fruits. Try adding a couple of slices of cucumber to your water, some call it “spa-flavored water,” as spas tend to serve cucumber-flavored water after treatments. Add a sprig of your favorite herb, mint and sage  are delicious in water. There are tons of recipes, your options are limitless. Try some of these from The Yummy Life.

Hydrating after a workout, especially a vigorous workout, is vital. There are lots of sports drinks on the market these days competing for our thirst’s attention but many of them them carry hidden sugars, food coloring and preservatives. If you want to keep all those  monsters out of your body try coconut water. Coconut water is a wonderful alternative to those brightly colored waters tempting us with their fancy packaging and promises of quenching. Coconut water comes from young, green coconuts (best packaging ever, thank you Mother Nature.) A glass of coconut water has more potassium than bananas. Potassium helps prevent post-workout cramps and muscles spams. And it’s delicious.


Try one of these for your post-workout drink. Let us know what you think!


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