Go Organic: The Benefits of Organic Food

go-organicThe concept of organic food has been a topic of interest in America since the late 1980’s. Up against factory farming, giant corporations, the squeeze of the family farm and Asian imports, organic food has a tough battle to fight. However, as education and awareness rise, the interest in, and production of, organic food is also on the rise. In fact, almost 70% of all Americans now buy at least some organic food. The benefits of organic food stretch far beyond the individual, impacting the community, the country and the earth. For those looking for a healthy eating plan for weight loss, and have been frustrated by quick fix promises, organic is a great place to start.

What is Organic Food?

In order to understand the benefits of organic food, it is first important to recognize what organic food is. Organic food is produced in a different manner from traditionally processed food. Organic food does not contain synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and feed. Organic meat and poultry farmers raise their animals in a natural environment unlike factory-raised chicken, beef and pork. Organic foods also contain no preservatives, hormones, artificial colorings or flavorings. Another important fact regarding organic foods is that they are biodegradable and do not contain harmful pollutants. In order for food in America, to be considered 100% organic it must have a USDA Organic seal on it.

America is Sick!

The body is designed to utilize food for fuel. Just like a vehicle, a body needs fuel to run. All cellular functions are dependent on the right ratio of nutrient dense foods to perform their job. Since the industrialization of food, the health of Americans has been declining rapidly. Food that is produced on factory farms is void of the nutrients that the body needs and contains dangerous levels of chemicals.  Over 80% of illnesses in America today is attributable to lifestyle. This means what we eat and how we live. A poor diet combined with a lack of exercise, sleep and stress management is a true recipe for disaster.

Organic to the Rescue

Eating organic food is not a diet to be adhered to for a short period of time, but rather, a lifestyle. Organic foods contain nutrients in a form that the body can use for energy and health. One of the greatest benefits of organic food is that they are not insulted with chemicals and because of this they are able to produce more phytochemicals needed to resist weeds, pest and disease. Plants left untreated by chemicals become strong and resistant. Strong plants contain loads of healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Not only does eating organic provide vital nutrients for healing and wellness, it is a great plan for people who want a healthy eating plan for weight loss. When we give the body what it needs to be healthy, exercise regularly, and adopt a stress management plan, it naturally gravitates towards a healthy weight. This is the amazing bonus we get when we treat our body with respect.

Organic and the Environment

The benefits of organic food extend beyond the plants animals and consumers to the environment. Organic farming decreases pollutants in groundwater and produces rich and fertile soil that not only helps grow strong plants but also reduces erosion. When pesticides are sprayed on crops, they leach into public water supplies and wells. Organic farming and food production uses natural techniques that work with the environment, not against it.

Local and Organic

The best combination of foods possible is local and organic. When you buy locally grown organic food, you are supporting your community, reducing your carbon footprint and making an investment not only in your health but also in the health of future generations. More and more local farmers realize that the organic movement is spreading. Despite the hard work and commitment involved, some farmers now understand that farming was never intended to be done in a factory. If you have access to grass fed meats and locally grown produce, take advantage of this bounty. When you shake the hands of the people who feed you, relationships develop, and bonds are formed.

Eating organic foods does matter. It matters for you, your community and the earth.

We are to be good stewards of all that we have, and that includes all of the earth’s natural resources and our bodies. When you take the time to study the vast multitude of benefits that organic food growing, purchasing and consumption has and will continue to have for years to come, you know you are doing the right thing when you choose to “go organic.”

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