Group Fitness in San Diego is The Real Stress Relief

Group Fitness

Living in a fast paced world, we tend to rely on instant solutions with immediate results such as crash dieting, fad diet programs, weight losing pills and anti-aging creams. These are not the appropriate solutions however and will likely lead us down the wrong path. There are four things that you can do to foster health and be stress free:

  1. Proper nutrition.
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Enough sleep
  4. Positive outlook

Eating the right nutrient rich foods will help to rid the body of excessive waste that contributes to an unhealthy system. Improved circulation, toned muscles and improved cardiac status are just some of the benefits of regular exercise that may contribute to your overall sense of well being. Group Fitness can lead to meeting new friends, building a sense of fellowship, and having fun.  Enough sleep, as mentioned earlier, will rev up and recharge your body for the tasks at hand. It lessens the body’s stress level, helps maintain good memory, and it is during sleep that many of the immune systems proteins are produced. Thus a disruption in sleeping patterns increases stress, decreases concentration, lessens the body’s immunity and creates hormonal imbalances in the body. Finally a positive outlook will promote emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and physical health.

As we try to keep up with the world around us, some of us skip at least one meal or two, or even altering our sleeping patterns in order to fit our busy schedule.  Skipping meals and not getting enough rest weakens our bodies even more.

If in doubt as to how to begin this change in lifestyle, here’s how we can help:
– We encourage you to ask for a personalized diet consultation.
– A Meal plan; a specific guide as to which foods and how much to eat at the appropriate time is a great way start.
-Try one of our experienced personal trainers who will guide you more thoroughly in this life changing process.
-Take part in our Group Fitness.  Get a more “hands on” experience by attending our group training sessions with other people who want to change their lives like you do.

Why wait? Start the change towards the healthier life right—now.

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