Music and Motivation


Our lives have soundtracks. There are songs that remind us of childhood, of falling in (and out) of love, songs the remind us to vacations, memories attached to chords and lyrics that have the ability to transport us to specific memories. Music

Studies have shown that music stimulates our nervous systems, preparing us for action, movement. Music with a faster pace raises our heart rates and accelerates our breathing, getting us ready to move.

According to this article from

“Recent results suggest further that a repetitive beat, such as that in a musical rhythm, synchronizes brainwaves in ways that may be particularly helpful in coupling what you hear with how you move. The co-ordination and execution of repetitive muscle movements may be made more efficient by matching the movements to a musical beat. This may explain why individuals strategically running to a beat run faster and use less oxygen than those who do not pace themselves with music.”

Are there any specific songs that motivate you?

For running you want a steady beat, something you can pace yourself to, keep you on track. Try “Call Me” by Blondie. This song is GREAT for running, steady beat, Debbie Harry’s beautiful voice, and that break around 1:33 that is pretty much the musical equivalent of getting in the zone.

For weight, power is where it’s at. “Stonger” by Kanye West is one of those all around great workout tracks, but especially for weight lifting. Stronger is exactly what you want to be. This track builds and grow as it progresses, exactly what you want your body to do.

I don’t know what exactly you would do with this song but how can you listen to it and NOT want to move?  “Pump Up the Jam” by Technotronic is one of those songs can be annoying if you aren’t moving while listening.

Cool down and stretch with a little Erykah Badu, “Back in the Day.” It still has a great beat but mellows out. Streeeeetch.

What are your favorite workout tracks?



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