Visualization, Your Secret Workout Partner


Our imaginations are fertile places, where we daydream, imagine our lives in different ways, retreat into fantasy and give ourselves permission to be different. Our imagination can also help us improve our workouts, our endurance, and ability to stay on task during challenging physical activity. Training your mind alongside your body is a pro-trick, one Olympians, weight lifters and other athletes have been using for years.

Visualization is the practice of using imagination to visualize specific behaviors of events. For instance, you’re planning on going on a run. Before your run you imagine the terrain you’ll be running over, how your body moves in a specific, easy rhythm, how good you feel.  When you go for your run, your muscles are primed and your confidence is boosted.

Test it out. For a week, before you go to bed, visualize your workout and enhance it . Pick anything, (plank, squats, kettle bell swings) and imagine yourself going through all the motions of the exercise. Imagine yourself surpassing your previous achievements, your plank lasts minutes longer, your core completely engaged, the kettle bell swings high, your squats are effortless and easy. You’re priming your brain for success. Your lovely imagination is taking you to new heights and inviting your body to go along with it.

Another little trick: a secret workout partner. Pick someone you admire, someone you respect and imagine that person cheering you on, motivating you, telling you can do it. I (Lizz, your blogger) have a couple of secret workout partners who comes to GFit with me all the time. No one else can see them but they’re there, fierce and powerful, keeping me on my game.  Here are mine, who are yours? 🙂





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